Finest travel delights

Goduto is an unlimited selection of finest travel delights. We say ‘go do it because you enjoy it’. With love and care and with our experience in baking we created delightful moments for any part of the day while traveling.

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Our selection of single serve hot eats gives you something for any moment. Are you in need of something sweet or do you believe the day needs savoury, let us be your guide.

Delightful patisserie
and irresistible desserts

Unique Patisserie concept, easy to handle and easy to serve. Surprise your customer with a complete new onboard experience. Treat them sweets they have never experienced.

Where snacking, grazing
and travelling come together

Snacking and grazing, indulge yourself with the perfect selection of wholegrains, nuts and chocolate! It really seems that a healthy and nutritious combination of snacks more and more replaces a meal at least once a week.

Cakes, cookies and biscuits.
Taste the difference!

Desire for a sweet inbetween. Help yourself with our unlimited choice of cakes, biscuits and cookies. ‘Cookie’ by the way is a Dutch word, so who else could help you with making your best choice but us!

Water, flower, yeast.
Anything else?

Such a simple product giving so much pleasure to so many people all over the world. Any size, any shape, any flavor just the way you need it!

Recognized snacks,
The best sold products

People like to buy quality from international well known brands and above all they prefer to buy a snack!

One brand.
Unlimited products.

About Goduto

Goduto, Italian for ‘blessed, enjoyed, luxuriated’, is a brand powered by AA Bakeries International. Goduto is developed especially for the ‘to go’ and ‘travel’ market and is more than a product. It gives unlimited possibilities and embraces an extensive product portfolio.
AA Bakeries International has a long standing reputation in retail, food service and inflight catering. We are more than a producer. We continuously innovate in order to supply food solutions for different markets. AA Bakeries International, located in the heart of Europe, serves various customers worldwide and has a sound reputation for its distribution.
Let us take care of whatever you need whenever you need it.

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